Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Annual Community Festival

It is customary in our Community to organise an open Community Festival, with BBQ, traditional foods, sweets, drinks and Greek music, on a Sunday in July, close to the Festive Days of our two Patron Saints, Panteleimon & Paraskevi.

That Festival was organised this year on 21st July, only a few days before the Feasts of our Saints.

In the morning we had a Church Service and then we moved to our Community premises and stayed there for a few hours, with many hundreds of both members and friends of our Community.

Church Committee members, as well as Ladies of our Ladies Sisterhood, had worked very hard in order to prepare all things needed for the Festival.

Parents and children of our Hellenic College were also there, having their own activities.

It was a nice and sunny day and the celebration went very well, with all people being joyful and happy.