Monday, 11 May 2015

Icon-painting begun

Today it is an historic day for our Church and Community. We started in the morning with prayers, for the painters and for their valuable and sacred work.

Then the new icons arrived and the senior icon-painter Theodoros Vogdanos, with his assistants Penelope Papademetriou and Stella Kelantonidou, have started the process of placing them on the Sanctuary apse.

The icons have been painted on canvas at the workshop in Thessaloniki and were brought here, ready to be stuck on the walls.

Our Church Committee had given the order to the famous icon-painter Theodoros Vogdanos, of the most beautiful city of Thessaloniki, and he has used all his talents and inspiration, as well as his prayerful faithfulness to our Holy Tradition, in order to produce these excellent results.

Over the next few weeks we shall get a unique experience from this extraordinary kind of work and all the feelings that would be generated will accompany us for ever.

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  1. Θαυμασια, αγαπητε μου π. Αναστασιε. Η ωρα η καλή καί ευλογημένο τελειωμα με τη συνδρομη των Αγιων Συγχαιρω ολους. π. κων. ν καλλιανος